We are an integrated and diversified Site Service contractor. At Frazer, we have the equipment, staff, experience, and structure to work on small and large scale projects throughout British Columbia. We provide a one-stop shop for Developers, Partners and General Contractors for all Site Service Requirements. With 4 Operating Divisions we are able to take raw land and transform it into ready-to-build.

Who We Are

Started in 1995, our organization has grown to over 50 Staff, 20 Pieces of Heavy Equipment, 10 Commercial Trucks, 15 Trailers, 2 Horizontal Grinders, A Full-Service Shop, and 3 Field Mechanical Teams. Our capacity allows us to execute on large scale projects, while taking a small company approach with a focus on the details.

To date, We have ​cleared​ over​ 1000 acres, recycled over 500,000 tonnes of fiber, ​moved​ over 1,000,000 cubic meters​ of dirt, and ​serviced​ ​hundreds of projects​.​ At Frazer, we employ the highest skilled and trained employees in the industry, run the best quality of equipment, and implement state of the art technology in our operations to deliver at the highest level.

The Frazer Difference

With our 4 Primary Divisions, we provide a custom end-to-end approach for our partners. This delivery method creates cost savings, faster schedules, safer projects and higher levels of sustainability. As a company, we look at the entire scope and approach the project with accountability for the end result. This brings innovation into the project. Our partners hire us to be the first team on the ground, and the last team to leave before the vertical build.