At Frazer, we know how to move dirt efficiently and safely. With over 20 pieces of heavy equipment, we are a leader in site preparation, excavation, and earthworks. For over 25 Years our Clients have trusted Frazer to do the heavy lifting, and we have delivered, moving over 1,000,000+ m3 of dirt on time and on budget.

This is our largest division, and where we got our start. From Excavation to Earthworks to innovative Site Preparation, the word Frazer is associated with quality in the construction industry. Frazer is counted on by General Contractors and Developers to build the foundations for projects all across BC.


At Frazer, we bring experience and quality into excavation. With a wide range of heavy equipment, and the latest technology, our teams are experts in light and heavy excavation. Executing on lump sum tenders, time and material and volume-based pricing, Frazer is positioned to be the right partner for a wide variety of excavation projects. Call us today at 604-690-0044 to get started.


At Frazer we move dirt the right way. We think twice, and dig once, to save our clients time and money on each project.  With our experience and custom process, we bring innovation and planning into each project. Introducing back-hauls, lean crews, and custom material handling, we approach projects differently than our competitors.

Site Preparation

At Frazer we complete Site Preparation for Single Family, Multi-Family and Commercial projects all across Western Canada. We provide our custom “Frazer Approach” with our end-to-end service. Starting from raw land, and transforming into ready to build. We take a unique approach as we service from beginning to end.