At Frazer, we know that details matter in construction. Our civil & infrastructure division provides services in road construction, sub-base and base gravels, paving, curbs and walkways, slab prep, retaining walls and everything in between.

Our Civil & Infrastructure Division allows us to go from open excavation to a finished base. Providing our clients with a turn-key operation. Utilizing similar equipment and staff we are able to move quickly between phases, saving time and costs for our clients.

Road Construction

We provide services in road construction for our site preparation and excavation projects. Working with specialized teams and subcontractors we build road the right way. From general road construction, to boulevard preparation, to paving, we get it done. Give us a call at 604-690-0044 today.

Sub-Base & Base Gravels

At Frazer, we know how to handle and load material on site. We provide specialized sub-base and base gravel placement for our projects. This provides a custom process with minimal extra handling and delays.

Slab Prep and Walkways

We provide custom slab prep and walkway construction services for our clients. Our team is able to get out of the machine, and provide the detailed service required to execute on the scope.