Excavate with an Xbox Controller

Within our era of exponential innovation, new technologies are constantly reinventing the way we work and live our lives. Some of the most recent tech disruption has occurred within the industrial sector; everyday job sites are improving their safety standards and operational efficiency thanks to new processes & technologies being made available.
One of the toughest pain points faced by excavator and other heavy equipment operators it that they often struggle to control their machine from inside its cab. Unstable ground, low visibility environments and various other difficult working conditions contribute to operational struggles and a large portion of job site incidents.

Following their partnership with Humanistic Robotics Network, Stanley Tools’ has developed a solution to this problem. The team has developed software that allows operators to pilot any excavator under 10 tons with a remote controller. The technology can be easily installed within five hours – allowing drivers to switch at anytime between manually driving or externally controlling the excavator with the push of a button. This new technology safely allows operators to hop in and out of the vehicle when visibility from the cab is impaired or when the machine is working in dangerous conditions such as on a steep or unsteady ground. In addition, operators can handle the machine from a safe distance when working in areas with toxic materials. While these systems are still undergoing testing, Stanley has announced that the technology will be commercially available in 2020.

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