Document Centre Safety Program: Employee Login

Frazer Excavation Ltd. is committed to providing and maintaining a safe work environment. Our objective is to create awareness on our jobsites which reduces the risk of accidents and/or incidents in all activities.

Along with a strong emphasis on employee training and awareness, our Health and Safety program addresses the following areas:

  1. Roles and Responsibilities of our Employees /
    Visitors / Subcontractors / Clients
  2. Pre-Project and Site Coordination
  3. Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee
  4. Education / Training / Communication
  5. General Safety Rules
  6. Specific Safety Rules
  7. Accident / Incident Investigating and Reporting
  8. Safe Work Procedures and Instructions
  9. Workplace Hazard Assessment and Control
  10. Workplace Inspections
  11. Environment / Exposure / Hygiene Control
  12. Emergency Preparedness and Response
  13. Records and Statistics Policy
  14. Preventative Maintenance Policy
  15. Legislation Summary

All worksite personnel are trained to ensure compliance with local government, occupational health, safety and environmental regulations as outlined in the Workers Compensation Act. Our personnel understand the collective responsibility of keeping a worksite safe.

We are committed to safe and sustainable practices in all aspects of our operations and therefore review and update our Health and Safety Program on a regular basis to adapt to industry changes, trends and requirements.

For more information regarding our Health and Safety Program please call (604) 961 - 5080.